Friday, November 18, 2005

Citizen Journalists Compete for Readers

Hi everyone! Today's selection comes from the mainstream news - a podcast of a segment of the "News Hour with Jim Lehrer" - from PBS. Note that PBS is podcasting several segments from the News Hour each evening. This segment was hosted by Terrance Smith and was originally published on 16 November 2005 at:

It also aired on the News Hour that evening. The shownotes included:

"Countless new forms of journalism allow nonprofessional writers to disseminate their views to large audiences. Even some mainstream media outlets have experimented with this citizen journalism as way to engage readers."

A great commentary on "We Media" or "We the Media" - for more information, try a Google search on these terms.

As always, the orange title above has a link to the mp3 file with the podcast, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed for "Burks' Selections" using the address on the orange XML icon in the right column on the page.

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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Burks (from the Sloan-C conference in Orlando, FL)


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