Monday, November 14, 2005

Bryan Alexander on Web 2.0

Hi everyone! Today's selection is an interveiw that Matt Pasiewicz of Educause did with Dr. Bryan Alexander of the Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College in Vermont. Dr. Alexander's biosketch is appended below.

The podcast was originally published on 3 November 2005. In the blog posting for this podcast, Matt wrote "This 25 minute recording gathers some thoughts from Bryan Alexander about Web 2.0. Bryan is the Director for Emerging Technologies at National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)." See:

Dr. Alexander's homepage is at:

More information about NITLE can be found on the web at:

As always, the orange title above has a link to the mp3 file with the podcast, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed for "Burks' Selections" using the address on the orange XML icon in the right column on the page.

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About Bryan Alexander:

Bryan Alexander is codirector of the Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College, where he researches and develops programs on the advanced uses of information technology in liberal arts colleges.

A Ph.D. graduate of the University of Michigan, he has also taught English and information technology studies at Centenary College, and his specialties include digital writing, weblogs, copyright and intellectual property, information literacy, wireless culture and teaching, project management, information design, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

He maintains and contributes to a series of weblogs, including NITLE Tech News ( and Smartmobs (, when not creating digital learning objects. feed:


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