Thursday, November 03, 2005

Andy Carvin on Wikipedia

Hi everyone! Today's selection is a podcast from Andy Carvin, who is the Director of the Digital Divide Network. Mr. Carvin is a prolific podcaster - see:

Today, I've selected a podcast with Mr. Carvin's comments on Wikipedia. This podcast was originally published on January 11, 2005. For the original posting, go to the URL above and search for "Wikipedia".

In his blog with this podcast, Mr. Carvin wrote:

"I've just posted a new podcast called Overcoming Wikipedia's Growing Pains. The podcast was inspired by a Wired News article talking about the challenges faced by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as it tries to become more broadly accepted both by experts and the public."

Mr. Carvin's resume is on the web at:

Program director at the EDC Center for Media and Community, Newton, MA. (1999-present). Manages the center's programmatic activities related to the digital divide, e-government and other topics. Serves as director of the Digital Divide Network (, which migrated to EDC in February 2004. Oversaw the launch of the new DDN website, December 2004. Editor and author of report, Ensuring E-Government for All. Moderator of DIGITALDIVIDE, the Internet's largest email forum for discussing digital divide issues. Represented the center in various professional conferences and media interviews, including CNN, the Associated Press, Wired, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and others.

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