Thursday, November 17, 2005

EdTech Brainstorm #7

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything to the "Burks' Selection" blog yesterday, but I was traveling to the Sloan-C conference in Orlando and had a 6 am flight from Champaign - and then I was swamped once I got to the conference hotel.

Today's selections is EdTech Brainstorm #7, which was published on 13 October 2005 at:

Worldbridges emphasizes "Global Webcasts Podcasts & New Media" and is "A Global Network of Homegrown Webcasting". In the shownotes for "EdTech Brainstorm #7", they wrote:

"A great discussion with Barbara, Dave, Jeff, Jeff, & Kathy covering the use of podcasting and webcasting in the classroom, what to do with wiki’s, how best to engage & empower students, and lot more...".

More about WorldBridges:

"We are building a global network of homegrown webcasting one webcast at a time. Recordings of recent live interactive webcasts are below. To stay informed of project developments and automatically get the latest audio, you can subscribe to The Wire Newsletter and to our RSS feed. Visit our Guides Section for information about listening to, participating in, and producing live interactive webcasts. You can contact us at livewire at"

As always, the orange title above has a link to the mp3 file with the podcast, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed for "Burks' Selections" using the address on the orange XML icon in the right column on the page.

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

Best regards,

Burks (from Orlando, FL)


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