Saturday, March 18, 2006

Susan Smith Nash on E-Learning in 2016

Hi everyone! Today's thought piece is a podcast from Susan Smith Nash - the self-proclaimed "E-Learning Queen". Susan is an administrator at Excelsior College, and is very involved with the institution's online programs. She is a prolific blogger and podcaster - see her website at:

The original poscast "E-Learning in 2016: Unschooling, Deschooling, and Unlearning?" was published on 6 March 2006 at:

In the shownotes, Susan wrote:

"In this post, I respond to Tama's E-Learning Blog and the query, What will E-Learning Look Like in 2016? I think it will be completely different in terms of delivery, and there will be more rigidly defined camps with respect to instructional design & ideal structure of course content. I believe that utopian experiments and the "unschooling" movement will take off in a big way.

For those of you who are interested, Tama's E-Learning Blog is located here: Tama is Tama Leaver, who is working at the University of Western Australia, where he is involved in research in the future (as well as the past and present) of teaching and learning."

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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The E-Learning Queen explores all manner of online and distributed training and education, from instructional design to the construction and implementation of entire e-learning solutions. She finds real-world e-learning issues and applications particularly intriguing; in higher education, military, K-12, and corporate and humanitarian / not-for-profit realms.



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