Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hospitals Struggle After Hurricane Katrina

Hi everyone! Today's selection is a podcast from the PBS News Hour, entitled "New Orleans Health Fair". On-air correspondent Susan Dentzer reported this segment, which was posted to the web on 27 February 2006 at:


The show notes for this podcast included:

"Six months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and left many hospitals, including the city's Charity Hospital inoperable, health officials continue treating patients in temporary tents set up in the Convention Center."

The News Hour website has a transcript of this podcast:


I realize that this podcast isn't about "learning" per se, but I have been following post-Katrina New Orleans very closely, given my involvement with the SloanSemester.org project. And there certainly are some lessons about our society to be learned here.

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Susan Dentzer is an on-air correspondent with The NewsHour, where she leads a unit dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of health care, health policy and Social Security. The unit, begun in 1998, is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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