Saturday, December 17, 2005

George Siemens & Connectivism

Hi everyone! Today's selection is a podcast from George Siemens, who is best known for his Connectivism learning theory. This podcast was posted to the web on 11 October 2005 at:

In the show notes for this podcast, Mr. Siemens wrote:

"I've been playing around with podcasting...and expect to make it a fairly regular habit. (If you would like to subscribe via RSS, or if you use a podcast aggregator, here's the channel.) I've recorded a fairly short podcast (5 minutes) on Connections vs. Content."

Mr. Siemens is a prolific blogger - see his blog at:

As always, the orange title above has a link to the mp3 file with the podcast, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed for "Burks' Selections" using the address on the orange XML icon in the right column on the page.

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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