Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The End of Education

Hi everyone! Today's selection is a podcast from the University of British Columbia's Global Citizenship Seminar Series. In this podcast, Dr. David W. Orr, who is a Professor and Chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Oberlin College, speaks on the topic of "The End of Education". This podcast was posted to the web on 13 January 2006 at:


The show notes included:

"Dr. Orr's talk is intended to be a follow up to one of his famous essays, "What is Education For" (published over 20 years ago). This essay was based in part on a commencement address to a graduating class at Arkansas College, and explored "six myths about the foundations of modern education, and six new principles to replace them." His talk will seek to connect sustainability, education and politics through careful consideration of how and what the university community learn in an effort to achieve "ecological literacy" for all."

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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About David Orr

Dr. David W. Orr is Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College. He is best known for his recent work in ecological design including his efforts to build a $7.2 million Environmental Studies Centre at Oberlin College. He also maintains a presence in the environmental literacy scene with four books and over 120 articles in scientific, social science, and popular journals.


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