Sunday, January 15, 2006

Marc Prensky Keynote, Part II

Hi everyone! Today's selections are two podcasts from the "Bit By Bit" podcasts, which is a series produced by Bob Sprankle. Bob Sprankle is 3/4 grade teacher in Wells, ME, and is a prolific blogger in the area of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

Today's two podcasts have Marc Prensky's keynote address from the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, which was held in Nashua, NH, on November 29, 2005. His talk was entitled "Engage Me or Enrage Me: Educating Today's Digital Native Learners".

These podcasts were posted to the web on 9 December 2005 at:

This posting has a link to the SECOND part of the presentation.

As always, the orange title above has a link to the mp3 file with the podcast, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed for "Burks' Selections" using the address on the orange XML icon in the right column on the page.

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