Friday, January 27, 2006

Ed Tech - Back to Basics

Hi everyone! Today's selection is a podcast from the good folks at Worldbridges - it is all about the basics of educational technologies. I don't usually post such LONG podcasts, but this one is worth an hour of your time. It was published on 27 November 2005 as EdTechTalk #27 at:

The show notes for this podcast included:

"In this episode, Dave Cormier & Jeff Lebow begin anew by reintroducing EdTechTalk and some of the basic elements of eductional technology today. For newcomers, this is a good show to start with to get oriented and for frequent listeners and opportunity to make sure you’re up to speed. Topics discussed include open source software and philosophy, blogging, podcasting, rss, content management systems, and web 2.0. Dave & Jeff also announce the launch of their eductional consulting business and Worldbridges hosting of the live award show for the 2005 Edublogger Awards."

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